I currently work as a freelance cinematographer, photographer and as a contributing editor for the Swiss Public Broadcast (SRF), where my responsibilities range from filming, editing, platform/project development, social media, new media (theory and practice) and general editorial work. 

I speak German, French, English, Chinese and am interested in learning Korean and Japanese.

Born in Germany and having studied in Shanghai, I currently reside in Zurich, Switzerland.

For inquiries please contact me at info[at]kerenwang.net or at kerenderwang[at]gmail.com

In the recent years, I moved towards new media and am interested more in more coherent and timeless storytelling. With more exposure and experience working with new media/ social media, I become more skeptical with each new platform comes around. New media involved into just another iteration of old media, in certain aspects, which of course doesn't make it less interesting. Thinking about the construct as a whole and the inter-textual and inter-medial between different aspects is vital. 

I started photography, because I wanted to capture better fsamily photos. Over the years it transcended into the goal and passion of capturing my world. I do a lot of street photography and documentary style work, but am open to any kind of challenges. If you have any questions, projects, inquiries or just want to chat about any contraption that captures light? Just shoot me a message.

After discontinuing my Electrical Engineering studies at the Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, I started pursuing a degree in East Asian Art History, Film Studies and Philosophy at the University of Zurich.